On the list of dreaded household chores, ironing clothes falls somewhere in between cleaning the toilets and doing the dishes. After all, the process – setting up the board, waiting for the iron to heat up, and meticulously going over every inch of fabric to get rid of those creases is both time-consuming and tedious. But what if there was effective alternatives to ironing when you just don’t feel like dealing with all the hassle, or (even better) when you’re traveling and don’t even have access to the device? We found five clever methods that remove wrinkles without an iron!


1. Flatten with a damp towel

You can try this simple, convenient trick even when you’re not at home. For best results, lay your wrinkled item on a flat surface and put a damp cloth towel (or if that isn’t an option, a paper towel) on top of it. Press down and smooth out the creased area. Let it dry and you’re all set!


2. Your Hairdryer

This method, by far the easiest, can be accomplished in just three simple steps: Hang your wrinkled item, stand one to two inches away, and blow-dry it until the wrinkles disappear.


3. The Shower Method

This method may take a little longer than the others, but it’s the most popular (and effective) alternative to ironing. First, seal your bathroom windows and doors to prevent air leaks, then take your wrinkled item and hang it on either the shower rod or shower head. Make sure to adjust the shower head so that water doesn’t get on your clothes, then hop into the shower like you normally would. By the time you’re finished showering, the steam will have loosened up the wrinkles! This method takes awhile to dry but once again, it is the most effective.


4. Use a Spray Bottle

Hang the wrinkled item up in an open area. Standing approximately 12 inches away, lightly mist with water from a spray bottle (You can add a little fabric softener to the mix if you wish). The wrinkles will start to vanish as the clothing item dries.


5. Steam with a Kettle

The concept behind the kettle steam is similar to the shower method, but more effective for smaller, lighter creases. Heat up a kettle until the water is boiling and hold up the wrinkled portion of your clothes about a foot away from the steaming spout, until the wrinkles fade away.



Credit: WhoWhatWear.