Irish people really love their pets! A recent study identified that 61% of all Irish households own either a dog or a cat. We really cherish our pets and consider them to be members of the family, many of us admitting to lavishing our pets with gifts on special occasions! Being a house-proud nation we like to keep our homes in tip-top condition, although, having a pet presents its challenges for the homeowner!


Here are our top cleaning tips for pet owners:


  • Stop Muddy Paws at the Doorway

One thing that you can always rely on with the Irish weather is rain and mud! By placing mats at both the outside and inside of every doorway into your house this will really help cut down on the dirt that enters the home. One tip is to ensure that you buy a washable mat and pop it into the washing machine regularly.

  • Banish Unwanted Hair

One of the most persistent issues that pet owners face is with animal hair on floors, furniture and clothing. Make sure you consider the suction strength when purchasing a hoover and regularly vacuum pets bedding and other soft furnishings. Grooming your pet regularly will help to reduce the problem of unruly hair. However for stale stains and persistent odour it is worthwhile to professionally clean your carpet.

  • Naturally Neutralize Odour

Even if you can’t smell traces of urine, your dog can. It’s important to clean and neutralize these odours to prevent future accidents. Dog-friendly plants such as bamboo palms are a great natural way to filter the air in your home. When cleaning up little accidents on carpets blot the area to remove as much moisture as possible, then sponge with soapy water, sprinkle baking soda on the area, leave for an hour and then hoover up – this will eliminate odours. On tile and wood flooring adding a cup of white vinegar to the mop bucket will mask unpleasant smells.

  • Pet’s Place Mat

Pets are not known for their table manners! For easy clean-up, place a table mat under its feeding bowl. An off-cut of oil cloth can work well and looks attractive plus it can be wiped clean effortlessly.


Credit: TheCleaningConcierge.